Track 1: Innovative value chains for sustainable process industry

Coordinators: Ludo Diels - Guy Vekemans

General introduction

As stated by SPIRE (The Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency), the European process industry faces a crucial challenge to rejuvenate in order to become more competitive and sustainable at the same time, and lead to European growth and jobs.

At BSDS this challenge is the focal point of discussion in the session on “Innovative value chains for sustainable process industry”. Circular economy based on the coupling of chemistry, energy and materials leads to a major sustainable impact on society.

Innovative and better performing chemicals can be obtained by process intensification from reliable renewable feedstock as CO2, biomass,…
Secure and affordable energy is an essential resource in this ambition, and its interaction with the industrial process continues to be explored.
The transition of industrial processes to a circular economy also requires value chains for innovative materials.

It is clear that this topic is currently a major element of debate both in EU (SPIRE), national and Flemish platforms (e.g. FEBELIEC, FISCH).

Indeed, this challenge also aligns with regional ambitions, e.g. the largest chemical cluster consisting of Flanders, the Netherlands and North Rhine Westphalia. In the framework of the BIG-C initiative (Bio Innovation for Growth) a triangular focus on CO2 , aviation fuel and bio-aromatics is explored as new attraction pole of an entire European region. With its major production activities, this region has the largest CO2 impact in the EU.  The link with affordable and renewable energy is evident.


  • Karel Van Acker - KIC Raw Materials - Co-Location Manager for the Western CLC
  • Klaus Sommer - A. Spire - President, Chairman of SusChem Board -  Bayer, SVP, Technology Services, Customer and Product Management
  • Mark Van Stiphout -  European  Commission DG Energy - Commissioner for Energy
  • Richard Northcote - Covestro - Chief Sustainability Officer of Covestro
  • Sébastien Mortier - European Commission - Research Programme Officer
  • Michael Carus - Nova Institute for renewables - founder and managing director
  • Bert Groothuis - Sabic - Sustainability manager
  • Luc Sterckx - Febeliec - Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Mukund Bhagwat – Corporate Energy Affairs, Aurubis Belgium
  • Eric Dubois – Solvay - Program Manager Renewable Chemistry


  • Youssef Travali - GreenWin
  • Jan Van Havenberg - Fisch
  • Bart Vander Velpen - Royal Haskoning DHV
  • Kathryn Sheridan - Sustainability Consult
  • H. Vervaeren - University Ghent
  • Brigitte Dero - VinylPlus
  • Monish Ahuja - Punjab Renewable Energy Systems
  • Anita Buekenhoudt - VITO
  • Jochen Froebrich - Alterra


  • Discussion 1: Biomaterials
  • Discussion 2: Water waste energy


  • The international competitive playing field for process industry, energy and the EU position in this context;
  • The role of bio-economy for the chemical industry;
  • Challenges for new sustainable materials including their recycling;
  • Waste and waste water management integrated in the energy and product cycling
  • The impact of the energy sector with its changing energy market , renewable energy transition and long term storage needs on the process industry;
  • The opportunities of power to products and products to power for the EU industry;
  • CO2 valorisation as sustainable innovation and the link with CO2 emission trading;
  • The development of “design tables” with roadmaps for the EU industry and energy sector, where different actors merge their strategies;
  • Promising sustainable projects based on the integration between energy, chemistry and materials.


  • William D’Haeseleer - Professor -  KULeuven, Belgium
  • Hans Wiltink - director cluster Sustainable Business Models - Institute for Sustainable process technology,  Netherlands - (to be confirmed)
  • Bert Maes - Professor - Antwerp University, Belgium
  • Bert Lagrain - KULeuven, Belgium
  • Cor Koning - Professor - TU Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Luuk Van der Wielen - Professor - TU Delft, Nethterlands
  • Aurore Richel - University of Liège, Belgium